How will we work together and what's expected of me?

Consider this story from the Buddhist tradition:

A group of people decided to go and study under a great Tibetan teacher. They had already studied somewhat under other teachers but had decided to concentrate on trying to learn from this particular person. They were all very anxious to become his students, and so sought an audience with him. But this great teacher would not accept any of them; "Under one condition only will I accept you," he said, "If you are willing to renounce your previous teachers." They all pleaded with him, telling him how much they were devoted to him, how great his reputation was, and how much they would like to study with him. But he would not accept any of them unless they would meet his condition. Finally, all except one person in the party decided to renounce their previous teachers- from whom they had, in fact, learned a great deal. The teacher seemed to be very happy when they did so and told them to come back the next day. But when they returned, he said to them, "I understand your hypocrisy. The next time you go to another teacher, you will renounce me. So get out!" And he chased them all out except for the one person who valued what they had learned previously. The person he accepted was not willing to play any more lying games. Was not willing to try to please a teacher by pretending to be different from what he was.

If you're going to build a relationship with a spiritual friend, you must make friends simply, openly, so that the communication takes place between equals. Rather than trying to win the teacher over to you. In order to be accepted by your guide as a friend, you have to open yourself completely. This is where trust and relationship are formed. As the Jewish tradition suggests, "Find for yourself a teacher, and in the process you will acquire a friend."