Small Group Parlor Discussions and Book Clubs (For Adults and Families) ⌄

  • 1. Our Family, Our Faith / 2 Faiths, 1 Family (2.5hrs)
  • Guided discussions for varied-faith couples/families. A 5-part series, stretching out over 2.5 months, taking place in the home of the couples participating. Max 6 couples per session. (Can be broken into fewer sessions if necessary
    • 2. Death Over Dinner (2.5-3hrs)
    • Guided dinner-discussions for anyone who wants to talk about life and death in a safe and supportive environment. Max 8 participants not including Rabbi Raucher. Best to plan this in conjunction with Rabbi Raucher to achieve your goals. (Repetition subject to participants interests)
    • 3. S’mourning (2.5-3hrs)
    • Rabbi Noam loves deep conversations over tough questions with young people. From his experiences facilitating teen grief-groups with Our House (link), Noam brings an open ear and heart to all those who are processing life and death. S'mourning takes place around the campfire with delicious homemade s' mores to help facilitate the conversation. All questions and comments are welcome during our time together, and confidentiality for each person is assured. Please inquire with Noam directly about upcoming gatherings.

Book Clubs:

    • 4. The Sunflower: The Possibilities and Limits of Forgiveness (Weisenthal)
    • An in-depth look at forgiveness and forgetting through the lens of one of history's greatest atrocities. This class demands that participants explore the depth and difficulty of mercy in their own lives. We will also consider steps to offer an apology and forgive those we may have wronged, or been hurt by. (This class is best provided in 2 sessions, at 2 hours each)
    • 5. How Jews Became White Folk, and What That Says About Race in America (Brodkin)
    • Many people would say, "I'm not white; I'm Jewish." What does that mean, and is that possible? For that matter, if Jews are not defined by whiteness, in some way, how do we explain much of their acceptance in Western society? Let's explore this topic together with mutual respect for multiple identities. (This class is best offered in 2 sessions, at 2 hours each)