Family Workshops, Coaching, and Marriage and Family Counseling ⌄

  • What to do some family bonding based on spiritual values? I would love to work with you to co-create an experience your whole family could enjoy. Whether it is designing a Shabbat celebration in your home, honoring the wisdom of elders, or articulating the values that are most important to you as a family, I am excited to help you create spiritual direction for those more relevant to you.
  • Workshops in Growing as a Multi-Faith/Mixed Heritage Couple
  • Are you part of interfaith or interracial/ethnic marriage and want tools and support for living with different faiths? Are you in an interfaith relationship and trying to determine whether marriage will work? Do you have questions about how to raise your children? Deal with extended family? Celebrate both multiple holidays and traditions?

I work with couples and families of multiple faiths and background, and I would be honored to work with yours. Every family and relationship is made up of complex details and histories. I have worked with and enjoy working fellow clergy from other faiths to help foster loving, compassionate and supportive connections within all types of families. These are the family dynamics I’ve worked with: Married, single-parents, divorced and co-parenting, step-parents, legal guardians, parenting without a formal marriage, LGBTQ, inter-racial/ethnic, no-faith, cultural instead of spiritual or religious, multi-faith, and inter-faith. I welcome your story no matter your circumstance.

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  • Our Family, Our Faiths / 2 Faiths, 1 Family
  • ("Interfaith," "Mixed-Faith," "Dual-Faith")
  • Guided discussions for "varied-faith" couples/families. A 5-part series stretching out over 2.5 months, taking place in the home of the couples participating. Max 6 couples per session. (Can be broken into fewer sessions if necessary)
  • Here are some testimonials about the “Our Family, Our Faiths” workshop.
  • “It was really great to meet other interracial couples from the temple in a casual intimate setting. I didn't realize how it could be a great peer support group for the non-Jewish partner and the Jewish partner in different ways.”
  • “Meeting new people who have had such similar experiences as interfaith couples.”
  • “The easy casual atmosphere just talking. Very informal and easy to open up.”
  • Parental Coaching
  • Being a parent is not easy, and there are times where it feels joyless. However, I can guarantee, with the right frame of mind, parenting can also be one of the most meaningful things you will ever do. That doesn't mean your perfect at it or have to be. Far from it! However, sometimes you might need someone to talk to about it and to consider new pathways for parenting. Over my life as a parent, I have a myriad of different approaches and techniques. We can sit and process your family experiences, or we can brainstorm new practices.
  • I believe in free-range kids and being a free-range parent. That means that while I appreciate and demand safety, I also step back, and remain back for some time, from my children and I let them explore and learn. I do this in my home as well as away from it. Moreover, I don't believe that when our children leave our house that they need 24/7 protection. The world may not be a perfect place, but it is also not as violent or as scary as we've come to believe. It is amazing how our children blossom when we give them the proper space to do so.
  • Relationship, Pre-Marital, Marriage and Divorce Counseling and Coaching

  • Relationships can be complicated and sometimes require navigation. For as secure as relationships make us feel, they need nourishment to thrive. Whether you are looking for tools to strengthen your relationship, improve communication with your partner(s), find joy with loved ones, or embrace an inevitable divorce I provide space and compassion to process these moments in your relationships. Please Contact me for private pre-marital counseling and workshops for interfaith couples.